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I found it really difficult finding a voice teacher in Sydney that worked for me and then I went to Jen who was the perfect fit! Not only is she a fantastic technical coach outlining so many things about singing and my voice that I didn't know but she is also wonderful acting coach- which is super important for me! She makes me feel safe and creative but also pushes me outside my comfort zone (which I love!!) I always feel like she really has my back and cares! Thanks Jen!

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I came to Jen as a weekly vocal coach after graduating from WAAPA. Jen soon became much more than this! With advice about the industry, casting agents and golden information she soon became a life saver. Jen has such in-depth knowledge as a singer and performer and can always answer my obscure questions, no matter the topic. Her studio space is friendly and open, much like Jen herself and she has allowed my voice to grow exponentially just in the last 16 months.



I started getting regular lessons with Jen after working with her at NIDA. I wanted to give my voice and performance more freedom and stop second-guessing myself. Jen helped me appreciate my own uniqueness, which was instrumental in getting me my first professional gig in Muriel's Wedding the Musical. Jen is an excellent, friendly teacher with a deep knowledge of singing, performance and the industry. I would recommend her to anyone — she just gets it!

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I found it difficult finding a vocal coach in Sydney, but the one name that I kept getting suggested by colleagues was “Jennifer Peers”. I’m so incredibly glad I took their advice. I was in search for not only a technical teacher, but someone to help me check in vocally, help prepare for auditions, throw acting stimulus and ideas at me, and strengthen my repertoire portfolio. Jen does all that and so much more. Her studio is a safe learning space where you feel encouraged, empowered and inspired. I have and will continue to recommend Jen to performers who wish to strengthen their craft, expand their repertoire and develop their vocal knowledge.

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Jen Peers is a life saver! Her detailed teaching approach regarding vocal technique as well as imaginative acting nuances is phenomenal. She intelligently and practically explains ideas and concepts that have helped me immensely. She encourages me to take risks and follow creative impulses. I particularly love the fact that Jen still gets singing lessons herself. As she continues to learn she is able to pass this onto her students so we have an ever-growing pool of knowledge and skills. Jen is always amazingly encouraging, witty and professional while working with me to help achieve my goals and be the best performer I can be, always looking onwards and upwards.

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I found that I had gotten to a place with my voice where I felt stuck. I honestly didn't know how to progress myself further. That's where Jen comes to the rescue. The beautiful thing about the way Jen teaches is that she has a wealth of technical knowledge and uses this knowledge in way that meets you right where you're at on your journey. Jen knows how to get the best out of your instrument and shows you how to make it better. From an acting point of view, Jen knows exactly how to get you engaging with your songs with deeper understanding of the text and gives you the confidence to make bolder acting choices of your own.

If you want to sing your songs with technical proficiency, emotional engagement and most of all confidence I could not recommend Jen enough.

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Not only is Jen a magnificent vocal coach, she is also a wonderful mentor. I can come into the studio stressed and feeling all over the place but end up leaving feeling relaxed and empowered. Jen's wealth of industry experience means that she not only teaches you the ins and outs of voice production, but passes on her knowledge of auditioning, networking, how to prepare, how to act through song and how to manage the many demands of an auditioning performer. I can't recommend her enough!

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After completing my degree and moving to Sydney, the idea of finding a new singing teacher was daunting. I tried a few with varying levels of success, and then came across Jen. What I found was that Jen not only teaches vocal technique, but holistically approaches education: I am not only a voice, but a performer with many facets that need to be trained and mentored. Jen knows the voice like the back of her hand; that much is clear. She creates a comfortable and safe learning environment in which mistakes and bumps along the way are encouraged, yet manages to push you outside your comfort zone and set achievable challenges. She has empowered me to have the confidence I need to book gigs and walk into auditions knowing that I have something that not everyone else has. I would (and have), without a doubt, recommend Jen to beginner and professional performers alike that are looking for a mentor to foster their creative developments.

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What I love about Jen (in the nicest way possible), is she is an absolute nerd when it comes to knowing about the voice - anatomically, and as an instrument. Comes with being an absolute nerd is passion and knowledge. Her face lights up when she talks about it. You can tell she cares about it, and cares about you. She keeps learning, she keeps expanding, and in my eyes, is what a teacher should be. Sharing her inspired wisdom. :) Oh yeah, and a helluva singer herself.

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I wanted a singing teacher who was a performer themselves, someone who was part of the industry. I needed a teacher who would challenge me, be honest, supportive with a focus on process. I needed to build a strong and varied repertoire of audition songs. I needed a teacher I could discuss audition technique, strategy and choices. In seeking the right teacher I searched long and hard… and the same recommendation kept coming thick and fast – Jennifer Peers! And what a sensational recommendation she has proven to be. Jen is quite simply superb – a dedicated, passionate and professional teacher - and in the words of some else on this page – bloody lovely herself! I cannot recommend her more highly!

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I highly recommend Jen Peers as a vocal teacher, repertoire advisor, industry mentor, supporter, champion of the arts and all round exceptionally smart, kind and professional woman. Being a performer herself, Jen's understanding of the industry and audition process is invaluable and her warm, empathetic nature gives you the confidence to make glorious mistakes and challenge yourself in the studio.

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I’ve had Jen as a vocal coach for a year now and she has pushed me, encouraged me and inspired me more then she knows! I started off participating in her Vocal technique classes at Brent Street, and once realising how genius she was, came to her for private lessons. Seeing Jen has allowed my voice to improve more then it ever has before. She’ll tell you otherwise, but she is just magic and I highly recommend her to anyone!

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Being able to walk into a singing lesson with Jennifer Peers is something I am continually and outstandingly grateful for. Whenever I have been warring with a song I always leave my lesson with Jen with a fresh perspective and an alternate route at which I feel prepared and excited to take the song down. Jen is very concerned with and dedicated to helping you achieve your long term goals, whether that be as broad as working on a particular tone quality or as specific as releasing tension to relieve a fast vibrato as it was with me. I would (and do) tell everyone who is looking for a vastly qualified, passionate and fun vocal teacher to have even just one lesson with Jen, knowing that if they have one lesson with her there is no doubt they will want another.

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Jennifer is an absolute expert at her craft! Not only does she have an outstanding awareness of vocal technique and repertoire, but is a wonderful actress. Through her teaching I have learned to approach singing as a holistic practice, and to value the importance of music making above all. She has always encouraged me to delve deeper into text analysis and to further question the meaning of lyric within a performance. For this, I am truly grateful. Her kindness and generosity is a force to be reckoned with. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make peace with their singing or to explore their art in new and exciting ways! A true superstar.

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Jennifer Peers was recommended to me by my musical director in Aladdin, Geoffrey Castles. Jennifer and I connected over Skype while I was in the middle of nowhere in the Northern Territory. I was receiving lessons to help maintain a stronger, more controlled voice and also have a broader knowledge into the vocal mechanics that make up the voice. Jennifer gave me numerous effective exercises and taught me so many beneficial vocal tips. Plus may I add, she’s so bloody lovely!

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Jen has been one of my biggest inspirations! It’s super rare these days to feel constantly inspired and motivated by a teacher, and she couldn’t do this better if she tried! She makes you a hard, passionate worker, an intelligent performer, and teaches you how to stand out from the crowd. I wouldn’t be the performer I am today without her incredible guidance! I walk into her classes excited, and walk out feeling like I can conquer the world (with a lot of homework to be done!). I couldn’t thank her enough for all she’s taught me, and couldn’t recommend her studio enough!

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I was first taught by Jen in 2016 when I had no idea who I was as a singer or performer. Since then Jen has helped me not only discover what kind of actor and singer I am but also how my voice works, where and when I need to push myself and how to make the most of every rehearsal. She is an exceptional teacher, mentor and person and not a minute of her classes goes unused or wasted. I would recommend Jen to any singer or even actor, you will leave her class feeling excited and motivated!

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I came to Jennifer to increase my Music Theatre repertoire and I needed help in exploring other versions of my voice. She not only did that, she discovered so much more in me. I regained confidence in my voice for vocal calls in Music Theatre auditions and frequently get to the end of "Singer" calls which is a first for me. I couldn't recommend Jennifer more not only as a vocal coach but advisor, mentor and true professional. You will gain an insight into the industry like no other and for that, I am thankful to have her.

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My Wicked audition was coming up fast and I hadn't worked on my technique for a very long time. Jen was referred to me by a friend and I literally couldn't have done my audition without her. I got the role of a lifetime and continued to see Jen so that she could help me get through this journey. Jen was a god send and I couldn't have played Elphaba without her. I now recommend her to anyone wanting a singing teacher.

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Towards the end of 2016 I had a pivotal realisation that had me looking for a singing teacher. Jen is a stand out singing teacher but more than that, Jen has felt like a life coach, been a guide to the performance industry, and most importantly, Jen has helped me find the confidence in myself to pursue my career as a performer and take what feels like leap after leap. Witty, real and always professional, I know that I can trust Jen to be honest with me and share her expertise in a field she has a world of current experience and knowledge in. Jen inspires me to be more than I think I can be while keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground. I would recommend Jen in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a quality singing teacher whose wisdom will stay with them for years to come

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I came to Jen looking to gain more confidence as a performer and focus on vocal technique. Jen has really helped me embrace what makes my voice unique and encourages me to go further than I think I can. Vocal technique, text and musical analysis, performance and audition technique, repertoire and mindset are just some of the skills I get to work on with Jen.

She has an invaluable wealth of knowledge, helping me to work through all my queries and question in order to reach my goals. Her passion is infectious and I leave every lesson excited and motivated to put everything into practice. I would recommend Jen to all!

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I could not recommend anyone better as a vocal coach, or mentor, other than Jen!
From her exceptional knowledge in repertoire to anatomy and technique, Jen is constantly helping me plan and work towards my goals. Jen provides an environment full of confidence, immense support and a world of knowledge; knowing my voice better than I do myself!
Our lessons are not just for singing, they are for analysing music, preparing for auditions, goal setting, remodelling repertoire and honing yourself as an actor/performer. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, but she is also a working performer herself, providing to be the perfect role model to all her students!
Jen Peers is the one to see.

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Learning from Jen has been an uplifting, holistic, challenging, encouraging and growing experience for me in all the best ways possible! Attending lessons with her provided me with a safe place where I could make mistakes, learn healthy and free singing techniques that have changed my voice for the better and fall in love with the instrument I’ve been gifted with and it’s uniqueness. Jen deals with the whole person and that is one of the special things that I appreciate most about learning from her! Your emotions, days and experiences affect how you sing so the importance of dealing with those things and speaking about them openly, is the same as practising sound vocal technique. Jen’s holistic approach priorities the whole human being, is incredible and definitely changed my voice for the better. She has empowered me with tools in technique and artistry that I will use all my life. She is definitely the person to train with if you yearn to deeply understand your instrument and how to live out a lifestyle that allows you to sing the best that you can, no matter the season emotionally or physically that you are in!

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I would highly recommend Jen as a vocal coach, she is thorough and knows what she is talking about and more importantly has helped me to understand the technical side to singing as well as the practical. Jen also has a huge range of knowledge in song repertoire and has always been helpful to provide and share backing tracks when available. Jen has worked with me on days where i wasn't well enough to sing and i still learnt more than expected. Her studio environment is amazing and feels very relaxed and welcoming. If you are after a top vocal coach in Sydney, then Jennifer Peers is the person to see.

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I've always been a "bathroom singer" and was keen to take my love for singing from the bathroom to the stage! I was looking to pick up vocal techniques, gain confidence of singing in front of crowd, and have a repertoire of songs ready when an audition/the opportunity arises. Jen was recommended by one of my friends and I highly recommend her too! The training has really complemented my actor training at NIDA and coupled with her encouragement and patience, I've really seen my voice grow as a singer. As a performer herself, Jen has been a great listener and mentor. She often dishes industry advice which has been really invaluable for a budding actor like myself.